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Horses for courses!

The Neben’s century-old Runciman oak tree in spring attire.

Firstly, I must say a big thank you to all those who contacted me concerning the loss of my foal. I was overwhelmed by the number of sympathetic letters and emails I received.

Many people have also approached me in person, saddened by the incident and wishing me luck for next time.  I did appreciate all the well wishes and it showed me just how many people read Rural Living!

The problem with being a small breeder (you can’t get any smaller than one broodmare) is that if you lose a foal, or the mare fails to get in foal, it’s another two years until your next yearling is ready for sale. This would have been Willowbrook’s fifth foal.

Her first foal, a colt by Real Desire, is now a four-year-old named Will Desire and began racing nearly a year ago.

He started really well with a win and some placings but seems to have gone off the boil a bit. Although by the time you read this he will have raced again at Alexandra Park so, here’s hoping for a good result.

Her second foal, also a colt, by Elsu was named, Willedu by Elton from Cafe Kaos in Pukekohe. Now a three-year-old, Willedu qualifi ed last week going four
seconds under the qualifying time.  Elton, I should add, is saving up his prize dinner until he [Willedu] gets to race.

The other two are fillies and also named by readers – Willshewin (who we featured in last month’s Rural Living) is a good looking girl and Betterbrook, who is now being prepared for the PGG Wrightson standard bred sale early next year.

At long last spring has finally arrived. Apart from our large array of daff odils, which appeared really early, other spring signs are that our more than 100-yearold oak tree is now covered in leaves.

It’s always the first of our many trees to come to life and we believe it to be one of the famous Runciman oak trees.

In addition to the oak, our London Planes look like they will be ‘dressed’ soon. Their leaves are just appearing and within two weeks should be well on the way.

Also at this time of the year, the gardens are starting to look lovely with lots and lots of colour. And, to make it even better, the hens are all coming back to laying. What more could I ask?

Go the ABs!


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