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No escaping leaf fall

Looking out my window it’s easy to tell what time of year it is as I can see heaps of London plane tree leaves covering my back lawn.

“Our productive Pukekohe food bowl is too good to lose to housing.”

During the 22 years we lived in Runciman Road, my main autumn task was raking up and disposing of about 10 tonne of London plane leaves.

At one stage, we had well over 30 of these trees on that property until we had to remove several. There were still a lot left behind, however, they are lovely spring
and summer trees and were an absolute delight for all those years.

But, back to the present. Our new property has just two, although very large, plane trees and they are now inviting me to make a start on raking up tiers of spent

We intend to have the trees trimmed over winter to keep then under control for summer. The downside to this is, once trimmed, they seem to gain a new lease of life and within a season or two, are bigger than ever. Mustn’t complain, though; we do love our trees.

This past week PGG Wrightson has held autumn weanling sales at the Karaka Bloodstock Centre and although I can’t provide sales results (we went to print just ahead of the sales) I do hope these were good!

I saw a large number of weanlings on show at Alabar Farm two weeks ago and I must say they looked in fi ne condition. On talking to a number of breeders, they said
that the great spring and good rainfall over summer kept the grass growing, hence such superb looking horses.

And, when it comes to land, I must tell you that I have continued to receive comments on my article of two months ago regarding saving our highly productive Franklin land from housing estates. I am well aware that we need land for housing but, more importantly, we need land for food growing. Many experts claim it is some of the best soil in the world so let’s keep it. We don’t want all our veggies coming from Australia, do we?

The Rural Living team will keep an eye on council moves in this direction.

Finally, I must congratulate H.R. Fisken and Sons on celebrating the company’s 60th anniversary.

I have been buying brood mare mix from Fisken’s for more than 20 years and have always experienced really great service. However, since selling the Runciman Road property our mare and foals have been grazed elsewhere – maybe one day!

Keep going the Chiefs!


Brian Neben publishes Rural Living and is also an avid lifestyle farmer

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