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NZ sports exciting time

Once again I’ll start my monthly column by mentioning the weather. So far, this winter, it’s been mild but we have actually seen a bit of everything – two or three frosts, lots of rain, strong winds and many sunny days.

Although the shortest day has passed I think we can still expect some really cold weather before spring arrives. However, whatever the weather, it hasn’t affected the British and Irish Lions tour as it marches across the country.

The first few games were below par but the team is now picking up and I’m sure we can look forward to many exciting tussles as the tour progresses. The many thousands of fans who have travelled here from the UK must be thoroughly enjoying the experience and they are providing a great boost to our economy.

Unfortunately, I am writing this before they play the Chiefs but I am hoping for a great game.
While talking sport I must mention Emirates Team NZ which at the time of writing was leading Oracle in the America’s Cup Challenge by three points. The racing really has been so exciting and it’s been well worth turning on the TV at 5am.

Of course, at this stage I’m trying not to be too confident for a very good reason, of which you will all be well aware.

Regardless of the final result, I believe we can all feel very proud of the team’s performance but my gut feeling is that we will win!

With Super Rugby at an interesting stage for Chiefs’ supporters, netball humming along, tennis (mainly doubles) shaping up, and good TV coverage of golf, rowing, motor racing and our U20 world champion rugby team, as well as several other sport events, it has been a terrific month for sport fans.

Even the Warriors made a move up the ladder – it’s been a month of sporting heaven.

On another note, it’s been some months since we moved on to our new property and we are really enjoying the adventure. When we made the move we were a bit worried as to how our two cats would adapt to the new environment.

CAPTION Sonny Bill (top) and Jessie – not always best of friends.

We have a five-year-old Burmese and a stray which we found under a hedge more than three years ago. We named her Jessie. Drury Vets examined her at the time and estimated her age to be about 12. She was in poor condition, very thin and covered in sores.

We tried all avenues to find her owner but without luck. Now, she is healthy, part of our whanau and there’s no way she’s going to leave us. In fact, she rarely ventures outside.

On the other hand, Sonny Bill, the Burmese, just loves being here and has a rabbit every two to three days plus a mouse as his daily entree. We did think he might make his way back to the old home but life here suits him nicely as it does us.

Brian Neben publishes
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Catch up next month – go the Chiefs!


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