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From the editor May 2017

Helen Perry, Editor

Daylight Saving is well and truly over, Easter has come and gone and it’s that time when we pay our Anzac Day respects. The weather’s been lousy and there’s enough on the news to make us laugh, cry and sometimes see red…together with yellow and pink…as in pizza with tinned spaghetti, pineapple and ham.

And, you know, that was one of the things I laughed about. Having been an ‘80s mum and seen those first pre-packed pizza bases arriving in force at our supermarkets, I know too well that the Prime Minister’s recipe (splashed all over the news) was standard for many a family.

Did we know about tomato paste? Yes, we did but it was something of a mystery for several years to 21-year-old newlyweds – much easier to add a dollop of Watties ‘tom’ sauce to the ‘spag bol’ than experiment with tomato paste and its appropriate quantities! We were naive.

But, back to pizza. It was so easy to open a can of spaghetti, spread it thickly over a store-bought pizza base, top with a fistful of minced ham steak then layer on crushed pineapple and perhaps a whisker or onion before the final touch – lashings of grated cheese; no, not mozzarella but good old colby or edam!

Then it was into the oven, with a final blast under the grill, ready to be wolfed down in minutes. Would I make it today, 37 years on? Maybe not. But good on our PM for making time to cook up a quick pizza feast for the family. Some said we would have been better served if he spent his time running the country. Well, I say our leaders, regardless of who they are, do that pretty well most days of the year (and most hours of the day).

So, I applaud those who know family time is important too and I’m proud we have a PM who can at least turn a hand in the kitchen, and take time for his kids, when needed. The rest of the world may lampoon him but I quite like it that our Bill English is a down to earth Kiwi guy and we sometimes get to see him close up and personal.

You may not agree and that’s your prerogative. But where else in the world do citizens have such wonderful access to their country’s leader? Few places spring to mind – how fortunate are we?

And with that, it’s time for you know what – your own personal time. Yes, readers, take a break from the pressing jobs around you, grab a cuppa (and a slice of pizza too, if you have a mind), put your feet up and enjoy Rural Living – there’s plenty in these pages to keep you occupied for an hour or so!

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