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From the editor October 2017

Helen Perry, Editor

How I wish readers were opening these first pages of Rural Living and seeing some ‘wise’ words on the General Election results. While I’m not so sure they would have been at all that wise, I can only speculate on the voting outcome as this month’s magazine went to print a day ahead of the election.

Unlike many who took advantage of early voting, I was intent on following my usual routine – wander down to a local school, cast my vote and then indulge in a flat white and a morning tea treat! Unless anything untoward happened that is.

Anyway, by now the results will be well known and we will all see what the next three years brings including what promises are fulfilled and which ones fall by the wayside. My election day – apart from voting – included heading into town for dinner then on to see the Roger Hall play, Last Legs, followed by a night at the Sofitel Hotel.

I can tell you, I was looking forward to a Sunday morning breakfast overlooking the water – a nice change from local eating, Not that I can complain about our cafes and restaurants. During the week we usually arrive home from work about 7pm so it’s usual for man about the house and I to pop out to eat.

And, we’ve been pleased to find an array of cost-effective dining options to suit the pocket in Pukekohe. Not five star menus or even four but when it comes to friendliness and good honest food, I’d award five stars every time.

Among regulars have been, Muang Thai, Ed Street, Paasha, The Longkeeper and Poco Loco. Then there has been Friday night at Cafe Kaos and the occasional Indian restaurant for good measure – we’ve tried all three!

We still have more exploring to do but recently we discovered Kathie’s Kitchen at the Franklin Club and I can see it becoming a regular. It’s good value for money but, more importantly for me, are the decent servings of vegetables (and/or the option of a salad bar) – such a relief from the many deep fried meals that abound.

But enough about food, And, enough of the rain, too. I think Auckland deserves a good run of fine weather but it remains to be seen just when the sun will shine consistently for a week or more. However, while heavy showers, thunder, lightning and even hail persist, it’s a good excuse to tuck up on the couch with a cuppa and this month’s Rural Living! Enjoy, before the parliamentary fireworks begin!

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