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From the Editor September/October 2016

Helen Perry, Editor

What a busy month it’s been in the office. As this issue came off the press, copies were picked up and immediately ferried to the Franklin Home & Lifestyle Expo where Rural Living had a stand and our team joined in the fun.

As I am personally in the throes of having a new home built in Pukekohe, I was especially interested to check out products that might help me with furnishings down the track. I really do think it’s time some of my furniture of many decades bit the dust!

However, I just cannot bear to part with one dresser despite it being Mediterranean-style and dark mahogany so I have ensured my entrance foyer is wide enough to take it.

I can see it becoming the easy depositary for mail and keys, which is just as well because
I can never fi nd my keys!

As for the rest of the decor – light and bright is sure to be the order of the day and I can’t wait to follow up on window treatments, outdoor furniture and perhaps, a new lounge suite.

House moving is still a few months off but my grandchildren are becoming excited that
we will be just down the road and I’m sure my daughter and son-in-law will love having some
handy baby-sitters. They haven’t had too many breaks without children in tow over the past
seven years so maybe that can change.

On the other hand, I can’t say I’m looking forward to peak hour traffic in and out of
Franklin. That’s something I’ll have to adjust to after years of being just five minutes drive from my workplace!

The good news is I will be able to work from home on certain days which also means catching up more regularly with some of our many loyal clients – can’t wait!

Life is exciting in more ways than one at present. Daylight saving is here and the
weather has defi nitely begun to warm which means many folk are ready for an injection of
joie de vivre. In this month’s Mind, Body and Soul pages there are suggestions for making
time for your health and why wouldn’t you want to be fi t and healthy for the summer?

And, before I go, can I just ask, am I the only one who thinks Donald Trump is the
Democrats secret weapon to Hillary Clinton winning the US presidency? I am reminded of another man who sought to woo a nation and annihilate another yet ended up alienating
the world. Surely, the American people can’t believe he is fit to run their country and not
end up igniting national and international chaos?

I guess we will all have to wait and see.

And on that note, I suggest you pour yourself a cuppa and take a little time to enjoy this
month’s Rural Living.

Helen Perry, Editor

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