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From the editor… July 2017

These past weeks my mind has been in a spin – so many issues sparking concerns, so much happening on the homefront and plenty to organise for a quick trip to Australia – what does one address first?

Helen Perry, Editor

Well, four days on the Sunshine Coast is, perhaps, a pretty good place to start. Glorious weather and life in a holiday bubble with time to swim, read, shop and, of course, dine and wine, were much too short. However, even holidays have unexpected encounters.

First night in Noosaville and waiting to be seated for dinner I suddenly hear, “Helen Perry!” Who should race up by a dear friend from the past. She and her ‘journo’ husband moved to Queensland 20 years ago and we lost touch.

So, what a reunion! Dinner the following evening, then a girls’ a breakfast on the beach at Hastings Street before we departed – yes, holidays have a way of turning up the unexpected.

But there was more to come. When shopping in a Noosaville boutique, the owner apologised for eating but said she’d had a rough week – “I stop eating when things aren’t good,” she explained. I confessed to being the opposite and so started a conversation with a startling outcome. This sad businesswoman’s husband had died only days earlier.

He turned out to be Kevin Stanton, guitarist and song writer for the former 70’s/80’s Kiwi rock band Mi-Sex. I was appalled that the funeral was just two days out and Mrs Stanton was at work.

However, our Kiwi connection seemed to provide a pick me up. After a chat – and a few hugs – we left with the feeling this lovely lady’s day had improved a little.

Back at home, the happy life has included grandson’s fifth birthday – we all know time flies and wish we didn’t but it was great to see our little fellow delighted with the prospect of school.

Although life has ticked along happily here, while I was in Australia there was a nasty incident on board a Malaysian Airlines flight out of Melbourne. It seems a man went berserk, shouting there was a bomb on board. He was tackled by fellow passengers enabling the plane to return and land safely in Melbourne. But then came a 90-minute wait while passengers remained on board and the ‘bomb’ situation was ‘assessed.’

Ninety minutes! What was that about?

Had there really been a bomb I’m thinking those passengers might have been history by now. Despite various explanations, I failed to understand why emergency doors were not opened and passengers removed as quickly as possible.

Although the man was no terrorist, but suffering from mental health problems, I thought the wait time must have be excruciating – sitting for an hour and a half thinking ‘are we going to be blown to pieces at any minute?’ was surely not necessary?

Since then many other issues have emerged and I could debate more but its time to grab a cuppa and sit down with this month’s Rural Living.

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There’s plenty of variety for readers so enjoy!

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