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Love is spelt T.I.M.E

Parents often confide in teachers about problems they are having with their children at home.

A common theme is parents seeking solutions for their children’s behaviour e.g. hitting, being rude and general mischief.

The key to a solving such problems is to give children your attention because your attention makes your child feel loved.

Children crave your attention and will demand it in whatever way gets the biggest response. Unfortunately, children who need the most love will ask for it in the most unloving of ways.

A child who craves attention from parents will likely draw on the walls or throw their toys… they will do anything for your attention. Positive or negative is irrelevant to the child, they just know when they did the action they received attention.

The Five Languages of Love by Gary Chapman explores five ways that people show love and what makes them feel loved. Each person has their own preferences of what makes them feel loved and how they like to express love. For children, feeling loved makes them happy, resilient and a pleasure to be around.

The love languages are:

Quality time: Spend some time together every day; play a game, go on an adventure or watch a movie together.
Physical touch: cuddles, high fives, kisses or any sort of physical contact.
Gift giving: Some people feel loved when they are given a gift or surprise; give your child a
flower or a shell.
Words of affirmation: Praise your children and tell them how wonderful they are.
Acts of service: Do nice things for your children such as helping with a chore or task.

Try to figure out your child’s particular love language and then provide the positive attention craved.

When you get it right, your actions will mean the world to them.

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