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Gnaw power!!

What a month of goings on! Brian and I have both had this awful flu which has put
us out of action for a few weeks. I hate being ill but this year we seem to have had a few issues – getting older, I reckon.

I’m especially cross because I have so many things in the garden I wanted to do before spring but they will have to wait and it’s probably better that way as I keep changing my mind. I must say this year’s incredible amount of rain has slowed up a lot of the preparation work.

My Waiau Pa friend is now all moved into her new home which has been on the go for the past 18 months. It was a long wait but, over that period, she collected various decor items and it has all come together perfectly.

In many ways we are opposites – she is so organised in the house while I can’t even get a cushion to look good on a sofa let alone dress the whole house. In Val’s home every cushion is in its proper place and everything else too – it all looks ‘whippy do’. On the other hand, I’m much more likely to obsess about the garden and love to showcase plants at
their best.

Settled in Val may be but like many a move, not everything went smoothly as shown by this little story, which could affect anyone living in the country. Val and Tony (Waiau Pa friends) rented a cottage in Kingseat during the 18 months their house was being built. Val kept her new car in an old garage on the property and rarely used it.

Then, the other week her car wouldn’t go. She telephoned Coutts in the city and they sent out a truck to take it into the workshop. To Val’s horror they called to tell her that rats had eaten through the entire wiring of her new car.

Luckily it was insured but, of course, her car was parked for months in a standalone shed which meant who would know the damage that could be done.

I know Brian is always getting bait from Ditch Keeling (Coastal Pests) as we have rats that skulk around the chooks but we do our best to protect them.

Gosh, wouldn’t you know it, all this is the rural living side of me coming to the fore.
I can’t imagine city folk talking rats in such detail; maybe a little mouse. Last month I talked about an uplifting book whose author would feature in Rural Living’s, Over the Gate Q&A this month. Well that author is business dynamo, Joan Withers and what an inspirational book she has written.

I think all young women keen to make their mark in the business world, be it corporate or not, should read her book. It shows that with a hard work ethic and a lot of smarts it’s possible to take on the world and succeed.

And, that’s it for this month. Spring is at the gate so here’s hoping for some brighter weather and a chance to tackle that gardening.

Reay Neben is a Franklin resident and publisher of Rural Living.

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