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Settling in takes time

It is now six weeks since we moved into our new property and what a hectic time it has been. People ask me if I miss the old place and the answer is, ‘of course but there is so much to do at this new place, I hardly have time to think.’

We were invited to dinner at our former home and we weren’t sure how we would feel going back. As we drove up the drive we noticed our old neighbours following behind us. They had also been invited to dinner.

After 22 years, strangely, it didn’t feel like our home at all. The new owners had made it so different from the way we had it but nevertheless it was fabulous and when we left that night, after a lovely evening, we realised it was time for our beautiful home to have young, vibrate and different owners. The next generation has taken over and we know the property is loved.

Now, on to current happenings.

Life is so different in the new location where we are re-establishing a large garden and are also changing around interior rooms. A rep from Kevens Curtains has been out and I have ordered Santa Fe shutters for our bedroom. I can’t wait for them to arrive.

Craig from Illuminate has also been there for days setting up the TVs in the different rooms. This new house does not have normal ceilings so in many places access from one room to the other has had to go across the roof. It’s all done now so we are okay for television.

BW Henderson have been and changed the lights in the kitchen and done a few jobs but this house has so many light switches and we have no idea what or where some lights should be.

There are two switches at the front door. I kept pressing them and wondering what on earth they were for with no luck. Then, Brian was outside one day while I was playing with each button and the garage doors opened – one problem solved many more to go.

One advantage of our new property is that my Waiau Pa friend can now pop in more easily and that’s a luxury we haven’t experienced since we both lived in Howick in the early 1980s.

Over the past weeks I’ve also tried different ways to avoid that awful motorway traffic when heading for our Botany office. I have to say that like many people, the ability to work remotely is great and I can leave home later after doing some work at home, then travelling when the traffic is less congested.

I envy those who are lucky enough to work and live out here as coping with the Southern Motorway is a nightmare. We had a son flying in on Thursday from the USA, due here at 6.30am. We had no idea how much time to allow to get to the airport.

Luckily for us his flights from the East Coast were delayed due to the blizzards so his flight into Auckland was changed and we picked him up at 5.30am Sunday morning. No traffic worries then!

However, another holiday break is upon us – have a happy Easter everyone and, if travelling, do be careful on those dreadful roads.



Reay Neben is a Franklin resident and publisher of Rural Living.


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