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Spring brings many changes

The wind is still blowing and my latest saying is, ‘I’m so over it!” I find myself muttering these words all the time and hoping weather trends will change so I can stop.

Having moved earlier this year I was looking forward to spring and seeing how the property changes. Re-settling has been fun but getting out in the garden has been so hit and miss as it is either pouring with rain or blowing a gale – no half measures.

Another thing I was keen to do was to paint the terracotta fascia we have. It is so not me but choosing a paint colour has been hard. I have had advice and testing pots from both Russell and Graham at Crosbies and I think we have now come up with the right colour.

However, around the back of the house there are now numerous strips of different colours where I have been trying to get the right effect. So, if we can get two good days in a row to give painting a proper go that would be really appreciated!

Sometimes I really worry that taking on a big project like this at our age. It seems ridiculous but I still get a thrill when each job is completed even if we need a week to get over it.

We have water blasted and then painted all the trellising in the garden and its gone from shabby to looking terrific and will look even better when the creepers grow over it.

Earlier this month I went down to the Hamilton Home Show with one of the girls from work. What a good show it was with so many new innovations that were really fabulous. I now need to consider what might be right for here.

My daughter has decided to sell up her lovely home in Pukekohe and go off grid to buy some land and build a tiny home on wheels! Hippie or what?

Reay Neben is a Franklin resident and publisher of Rural Living.

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