The Rain Came Down And The Flood Came Up… But Not Too High!

Hasn’t the past few weeks delivered a lot of rain and its fair share of woes?

A couple of weeks ago I was heading out to my Pilates class when the heavens opened. I was halfway down the drive and saw that our little stream was flooding so back to the house I went.

Lucky I did because minutes later the water level around the back of our house had risen and was threatening to come inside.

Brian and I donned raincoats and gumboots and into the downpour we went to sort out what turned out to be a blockage in the main drain.

We busily siphoned the water through hoses and, thankfully, the rain eased after an hour with only a small amount of water making its way inside. We felt pretty helpless watching the water and were surprised at how fast it rose. I now have a better understanding of the poor people
affected by floods.

Not a lot of excitement this month. My Waiau Pa friends, who sold up to go and live in the city and are now building a new house, (guess where? That’s right, Waiau Pa), decided to take the Northern Explorer train to Wellington.

I dropped them at the station in Papakura and worried that it would be a long, tedious trip. As a family, we did the same trip years ago and it was not at all pleasant but I didn’t let on as things do change.

What a surprise when a sleek, modern train pulled into the station. Friends really enjoyed the journey and said the meals and scenery were superb.

I think doing the journey both ways was a bit much but when I picked them up again the station was buzzing with passengers leaving the train with their families and very excited about the experience.

The station was alive and I thought how sad that everywhere around the world so many stations are active and busy while here in Pukekohe. I see trains go by but not many stop, more is the pity.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if on a Sunday morning we could hop on a train and journey into the city then come home again the same way. I think it will happen but not in my lifetime.

Two of the daughters had a birthday this month and the last one was really different. Emma organised for the boys at Cafe Kaos to make newspaper parcels of fish and chips for her guests. It was really lovely and, of course, no dishes plus a very easy clean up.

The best birthday cakes ever come from The Chocolate Cake Company in East Tamaki so with a dollop of cream and a slice of birthday cake after the fish and chips it was an easy and thoroughly enjoyable birthday celebration.

But, now I’m thinking – roll on spring!

Reay Neben is a Franklin resident and publisher of Rural Living.